Bez nazwy-1The company was founded in 1992. As one of the first companies  in Poland it offered its customers a copper installations and hanging gas-fired boilers, as well as many other modern solutions in heating technology and sanitary. The company’s development is carried out in both the services and retail and wholesale of wide range of plumbing products. The company “Gideon” is a member of the Lower-Silesian Chamber of Craft. It is involved in the life of environment of small and medium enterprises and local crafts.

The company belongs to the Lower Silesian Renewable Energy Cluster. It participates actively in the activities related to the promotion and implementation of renewable energy systems. Business Owner – Mirosław Socha was a member of the organizational council of Cluster and served as Coordinator and Chairman of the Cluster- he carried numerous trainings and conferences devoted to renewable energy and energy efficiency. He is  a qualified energy auditor and is an expert co-operating with Polytechnical Univesity  of  Wroclaw. He conducts training and was a consultant for the Ministry of Education in the evaluation of the core curriculum of a new profession – tehnician of equipment and systems of renewable energy.
GEDEON Company cooperates with vocational schools and the District Practical Training Centre.
Major events:

  • Dragon of Dzierżoniów Business Award in the category of Best Small Companies.
  • Participation in the exhibition and lectures on the Lower Silesian Fair and Forum for Renewable Energy
  • multiple participation in Dzierzoniow‘s  Presentations
  •  lecture about renewable energy at X Self-Government Forum in Kudowa Zdroj
  • Participation in several editions of TARBUD
  • exhibition of renewable energy and energy efficient equipment during Dzierzoniow‘s and Bielawa,s Intelligent Energy Days.
  •  Participation in Economic Mission in India organized by the Polish-Indian Chamber of Commerce
  • participation in the World Congress of the “World Renewable Energy Technology Congress & Expo 2010” in New Delhi, including a number of conferences and meetings on renewable-energy sources globally.
  • award for Service – comprehensive implementation of solar systems with support for the largest grants in Lower Silesia Mouflons Competition 2010



We currently employ more than a dozen employees: engineers, technicians, fitters.








Employees implementing installation of  renewable energy  completed courses at the School of Solar located in Bielawa (one of the few in Europe) and training devices from manufacturers.
Employees are qualified master in the profession and the powers SEP energy to work on electrical systems, PV panels and solar collectors and heat pumps and ventilation systems.