logo_gedeon_noweThe scope of the main services and products:


– Design, supply and installation of modern heating, gas, sanitary and mechanical ventilation with recuperation.

– devices and renewable energy systems:

• Solar power systems for domestic hot water (DHW), water in swimming pools, water for production purposes

• Heat pumps “horizontal” and “vertical”

• Mechanical ventilation with heat recovery (recuperators), also in conjunction with groundwater heat exchangers for heat recovery companies for technological purposes

• Photovoltaics, also in combination with solar plants

– System design, supply of equipment, installation, commissioning and technical acceptance, service


Renewable Energy

Solar systems, heat pumps and solar cells are not only significantly reduce the cost of energy production but primarily to protect the environment!
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Gas boilers, oil

Gas and oil boilers are now high-performance devices that require minimum service time. Reliability, durability and original design cutting-edge solutions to ensure maximum comfort.

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Boilers for solid fuel

Classic heat acquisition using the latest technology for maximum energy savings not only

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Pools – the highest world-class quality at affordable prices

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Coal Coal is …! But there are substantial differences between the types and species of coal. We also recommend alternative fuels for solid fuel boilers

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How effectively and efficiently to give the heat in the rooms? See the range of radiators

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Floor Heating

In contrast to traditional solutions underfloor heating gives off heat evenly over the surface of the floor and provides a sense of well-comfort

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Valves, regulators

No flat or house will not be cheap to operate in the field of thermal energy without equipment to its regulation.

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Central vacuum cleaners

Vacuum system that is becoming increasingly popular, especially in offices and private homes.

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