logo_gedeon_noweThe first photovoltaic system was made in 2007 in our company as a complement of installation of thermal collectors. Panel  PV with power of 60Wp  is fed directly to the solar system pump 24V


Projects in Belgium


First installation made by our company: ONTEX Genthof 5, 9255 Buggenhout, Belgium
Duration of the project: from April to October, 2009.realizajce2
Power Pmax 60 1.19 VOC ISC VPM 91,8V 67V 0,9A IPM Dimensions 960x990x40 mm
9000 pcs. Panels with a total capacity of 540 kWp.


Other projects in 2009 and 2010 in Belgium:
• Buggenhout April – September 2009 – 10,000 panels
• Wevelgem October – November, 2009 – 4,000 panels
• Ninove November 2009 – 462 panels
• Meldegem December 2009 – 1,000 panels
• Wevelgem, Drieslaan January-March 2010 – 5,000 panels
• Deerlijk December 2010 – 4.5 thousand. m2


Project in Germany

Germany, Vloto – 2010. More than a dozen of photovoltaic systems with capacities from 3.5 – 15 kWp on  detached houses.
Munich, 2012. Implementation of the heating and sanitary  in multi- family buildings.


Project in Luxemburg

Luxembourg – 2010-2013. A dozen of photovoltaic installations carried out on behalf of the company Encotec with  capacities from 10-100 kWp on industrial objects.

Project in Poland

realizacjeWpolsce Solar Szczawnica 2010 project involved the purchase and installation of complete solar systems consisting of approx. 1800 pcs. of collectors with a total absorption area approx. 3600m2 and a capacity of approx. 2700kW. The whole project of the award decision has cost 7 116 903.86 zł gross. The work included 370 objects, where the solar panels have been installed.

Clinic Bielawa ASTRA, 2009 – Gas boiler 100 kW with 2 condensing boilers Victrix 50 kW of IMMERGAS company, Buffer ME  of ACV company of  680 liters with a built-in 200 liter hot water tank,underfloor heating system – 1000 m2, heaters in AHU,
realizacjeWpolsce02Vacuum flat solar collectors of THERMOSOLAR TS400 – 6 pcs.
Ventilation with heat recovery ventilation 4 units of DOSPEL company with heat exchangers, and water heaters and  coolers. Four independent ventilation zones  of object.

The resulting energy savings:
In the property of Astra Building Clinic by using of the technologies of renewable energy sources  and heat recovery ventilation will be available  to result from 30 to 45% energy savings.



Installations of solar panels in homes and commercial buildings

  •  PIESZYCE-2010. Solar installation consisting of 8 flat plate collectors SU3000 type of the  total surface- of 16m2 for domestic hot water and central heating of the building with an area of 180m2 equipped with underfloor heating, gas boiler with a capacity of 21 kW, fireplace with water and heat buffer with a capacity of 400 liter and two-coil cartridge with a capacity of 300 liters.
  • BIELAWA-2014. Solar installation in a residential building consisting of 14-solar-sun-collectors, heat buffer 1000 liters, 200 liters of hot water tank, gas condensing boiler and biomass boiler. Installation supplies  central heatingd using radiators, floor and swimming pool.
  • Dozens of  detached houses – with solar panel systems from 2 to 8 units and hot water storage tanks from 200 to 1200 liters for hot water and auxiliary heating or reheating the water in the pool.
  • Pension Boleścin k / Swidnica – 2013. PV photovoltaic system with a capacity of 1.5 kWp feedeing outdoor lighting and as an emergency source for the control of ventilation and heating system with a heat pump.
  • WAŁBRZYCH-2014. The photovoltaic system in the building of the Museum of the former coal mine JULIA in Wałbrzych consisting of 10 panels of 250 Wp and control  SOLAR KERBEROS  feeding the  CWU water heater 1000 liters.


Heat pumps and heating systems in residential and commercial buildings.

  • Palace  ALEKSANDRÓW –  solid fuel boiler with a boiler retort 150 kW Eco-Plus HEF, installation of water and sewage, grease separator, radiator and floor central heating machanical ventilation
  • Dzierżoniów- company DEDAL – residential building – condensing gas boiler 75kW, woodpeckers biomass  boiler- pellets of 50 kW, underfloor heating  of 1500 m2, two ventilation systems with heat recovery for the house and swimming pool, central vacuum cleaner, installation of water supply and sewerage, sewage pumping station, the system solar power hot water buffer, supporting floor heating and swimming pool.
  • Housing Association – 8 skyscrapers – the installation of hot water, elimination of individual gas-tions and water heaters  and leading of installation with hot water to 535 flats supplied from a  heat district with circulation, including 1680 meters “riser” pipes Pex / Al. / Pex-pressed . Implementation in the period September-November, 2010.
  • Energy Technology Centre in Swidnica – 201. The office building area of 1200 m2. Ground heat exchanger system, ventilation with recuperation, floor heating, biomass boiler (pellets) with a capacity of 50 kW, Viessmann heat pumps 10 and 16 kW, air conditioning.